This isn't the best marketing for Rust-oleum. You don't ride around in a nasty car if you're a car detailer,… [more]

Irony… Irony...

Meanwhile In Detroit…

There's more than one way to get an asshole to stop road-raging.… [more]

Meanwhile In Detroit… Meanwhile In Detroit...

This Will Be A Short Fight

In a fight like this it must be hard to tell who hits the ground first.… [more]

This Will Be A Short Fight This Will Be A Short Fight

Must. Resist.

Obvious side boob. The ultimate test in willpower, mental focus and eye control. A fight rarely won.… [more]

Must. Resist. Must. Resist.

So… You Don’t Want To Sell, Ehh?

No need to sell. We'll find a way to work around you.… [more]

So… You Don’t Want To Sell, Ehh? So... You Don't Want To Sell, Ehh?

Which Would You Choose?

mermaid August 9, 2010

This is a really tough call, but I’d say boobs, 2 hands, and a mouth wins.

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Shave The Baby. Wait…What?

Shave The Baby. Wait...What? August 7, 2010

Ok, I give up. Why the hell would you want to shave a baby?

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Some People Are Always Late

Some People Are Always Late August 7, 2010

Watch the kid on the right and his reaction, but then watch the guy coming up the steps. Sorry, bro, but your timing sucks.

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Are You Kidding Me?

Big Booty Girl August 6, 2010

I’m pretty sure that breaks quite a few laws of Physics and invents some new ones. No complaints here.

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Bucket Seat Option

Bucket Seat Option August 6, 2010

I call shotgun! …oh, wait…

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Did You Know That?

Did You Know That? August 4, 2010

I bet you’ll have learned something new before you’re halfway through. Alaska More than half of the coastline of the entire United States is in Alaska .

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Yo Dawg…

Thumbnail image for Yo Dawg… August 3, 2010

This one speaks for itself…

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Little Drunk Guys Shouldn’t Fight

Thumbnail image for Little Drunk Guys Shouldn’t Fight August 3, 2010

He ducks, he swings and… fail. Little guy, it’s best if you just stay down.

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Super BJ Toy

Thumbnail image for Super BJ Toy August 3, 2010

I can’t possibly wrap my head around how anyone could possibly think this is even remotely ok. I must say, I would have loved this when I was 13 though. What kid didn’t want to stuff Superman’s face and give him your own Twinkie filling?!

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Racist Ice Cream Truck?…

Thumbnail image for Racist Ice Cream Truck?… August 3, 2010

I’m really hoping all of the ice cream was OK and that the truck was able to finish its route after being so traumatized. Next time try the sidewalk dumbass! (Skip to about 0:35)

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